Swimming Pool and Spa Water – 5 Simple Steps to Crystal Blue Water

When a green pool happens, it can be an especially difficult and confusing time! Why Did It Go Green? Well…Your about to find out why!

The sun is hammering down, its starting to get hot and you’ve got Green Pool Water!

The timing couldn’t be worse! It’s really hot and your keen to go for a swim and the pool is green!

This is a common problem for thousands of people right around the world! Swimming pool algae! It rears its ugly head all the time! What a let down!

So…What does turn a pool green?

What turns a nice inviting crystal clear haven of cool water into an embarrassing feral swamp? Well, green pool water is 9/10 caused by green algae. Green algae gets into your pool a couple of different ways. It can enter into your pool through wind and rain. Even regular drinking water has algae in it!

Green pool water happens when the microscopic algae blooms and multiplies so much that you can actually see it! Because the color of the algae is green…it takes over and turns your pool water green.

The algae gets a chance to grow when there is a chemical imbalance in your pool water.

Combine this with rain, a couple of hot days, slack filtering times, dirty filter and lack of sanitizer in the pool and your looking for trouble.

Algae wont actually hurt anyone…but the point is. If algae can grow…what else is growing too. Bacteria usually accompanies algae, as there is no sanitizer to kill them. Another reason why green pools are bad news is the fact that if a child accidentally fell into the pool, you wouldn’t be able to see them to save them.

Some councils have brought in tough legislation against green pools. In some states a green pool will result in a hefty fine and sometimes even jail time. I’m not kidding…some councils have spotter planes looking for green pools.

Having a pool is supposed to be fun. Not depressing. Keep the water clean and clear, and enjoy it! Don’t ruin a perfectly good summers day because you cant swim in your pool.

Swimming Pool and Spa Water – 5 Simple Steps to Crystal Blue Water

The 5 simple steps to a crystal blue swimming pool and spa environment and the keys to enjoying your backyard oasis and investment each and every day.

#1 CIRCULATION – Moving water creates a clean and enjoyable swimming experience. Why? Because you’ll get the most effective use of your sanitizer when you achieve circulation to every nook and cranny of your pool. The more movement your backyard oasis experiences, the harder it is for bacteria and algae to find a foothold, grow and set up housekeeping on the internal surfaces. The source of all circulation is the pump, which feeds the filtration system. As water passes into the filter system, cleaning begins, which is another beneficial byproduct of circulation. It’s BEST to schedule circulation during daylight hours. Aim to have circulation for approximately 8 hours per day.

#2 FILTRATION – The filter in the equipment system is the piece of apparatus which accounts for your backyard oasis sparkling and clear appearance, removing both visible and invisible debris from the system. As the pump circulates freely, the water flows through the filter. Once the pump basket captures the large debris, water rushes into the filter, which traps microscopic particles. Over time the filters ability to remove microscopic matter diminishes as the filter media essentially becomes full. At this point the filter must be disassembled and the media cleaned.

#3 CLEANING – Daily scrubbing of you’re the internal surface is not necessary but once a week brushing helps to free any debris that your filter or automatic cleaner might miss or leave behind. Brush steps, benches, walls and the floor. The physical movement on the surface eliminates lurking, unseen contaminants that increase the murky factor of your pool and spa.

#4 TESTING – Be proactive and you’ll avoid clarity problems. TEST YOUR CHEMISTRY FREQUENTLY – At least 2 to 3 times per week. Nothing saves more money and time than preventing problems and nothing prevents problems better than testing frequently. When testing, examine pH and active sanitizer levels. By monitoring these two items at regular intervals, you’ll soon discover patterns in your system. Also, regular testing allows you to detect how having lots of swimmers (versus only two or three) affects your chemical readings. As you respond to test results by adding the appropriate chemical treatment product, you’ll learn how to gauge how each product affects the chemical balance.

#5 MAINTENANCE – Maintaining a crystal clear swimming and spa environment isn’t magic. The secret hinges upon adding the right products at the right time in the right amounts. The keys to maintenance are Sanitization, Oxidation / Shock, Algae Prevention and Chemical Balance. When you master the basics, your investment rewards you with a sanitary environment, the cornerstone of a refreshing swimming and relaxing experience. Balancing the chemistry also protects your equipment and internal surface; unbalanced chemistry can actually damage both items permanently.

Master these five steps and enjoy your swimming pool and spa each and every day! Ignore these simple key items and plan on sending more time maintaining than relaxing.

Don’t Go To The Crowded Gym, Go To Your Back Yard To Enjoy Your Swimming Pool and Spa

You can just imagine it: after a hard week at work you come home for the weekend, glad to finally not have yet more overtime to deal with, and what better way to sit back and relax than to put on the bathing trunks or swimsuit and sit your home swimming pool and spa.

There are few things that are more relaxing than just relaxing in a home swimming pool and spa, and that addition also can drastically increase the value of the property, which is a nice added bonus that goes above and beyond every other benefit.

Home swimming pool and spas are a fun addition to any backyard, or that side porch that otherwise would never be used. What backyard haven would be complete without a home swimming pool and spa where you could just relax and forget the problems of the past hours, days, even weeks and simply enjoy the feeling of warm water all over your body, relaxing aching muscles, and drifting the tenseness right out of you?

Among all the choices for home improvement options, a home swimming pool and spa is among the most practical and easy to have installed compared to other options.

A home swimming pool and spa, sometimes referred to as a pool spa, is similar to traditional hot tubs, in the sense that both use powered jets to create soothing motion in the water. This motion acts in a similar fashion to a massage to relax and comfort the body.

A home swimming pool and spa can either be part of an in ground pool design or an above-ground freestanding structure. They can be custom-made to suit your individual desires and needs, or they can be purchased pre-fabricated so that you can easily even put it together yourself if you like the home handyman projects.

If you are building an in-ground home swimming pool and spa, you can attach a neighboring pool spa on the same level or on a different level, or if you really want to get creative, you can even place the spa in another location away from the actual pool itself.

One advantage of having a pool spa attached to your pool is that they are able to share similar pieces of equipment, such as a heater, which would otherwise be necessary for each individually.

Home swimming pools and spas can be found in almost any shape, size and style ranging from the simple and traditional perfect squares to large octagonal ones lined with hand-painted tiles for that extra artistic effect. They are usually built using the same materials used in normal pool construction, which gives you choices between cement, gunite (a hybrid mixture of sand and cement), or even fiberglass.

Home swimming pools and spas are some of the best ways you can increase your property values, enjoy the relaxing property of these great additions, and enjoy a property improvement that won’t be there just for aesthetics. For true joy, a home swimming pool and spa is the way to go.

The History of Unicel – Originally Printed in Swimming Pool – Spa Age, July 1997

On a spring evening in 1956, company president and founder Dick Meissner sat down in his garage to begin work on his first sewing contract. Phil Anthony of Anthony Pools had just given him his first order to produce the Anthony McIntosh filter bag. Working alone and at night, Dick laid the foundation for the company that has grown to become the largest manufacturer of swimming pool and spa filter elements in the world.

In those early years, residential DE filtration was in its infancy. As the market started to grow, Dick received additional sewing contracts, first from Swimquip, then from Landon, Pac-Fab, and Paddock of California. By 1959 this part-time venture had grown into a full-time business. The fledgling company hired two employees and quietly moved into a 2,000-square foot building in Van Nuys, Calif. Within one year the young company doubled in size and by 1962 it occupied 6,000 square feet and had five full-time employees.

With the advent of the cartridge filter, the company saw its next opportunity. Early cartridge elements were made of a paper-type material that did not hold up well in the swimming pool environment. Realizing the future potential of cartridge filtration, Meissner set out to develop a manufacturing process to enhance this new medium. In 1964, the research and development yielded the industry’s first cartridge element made with a new spunbonded, 100% polyester material called Reemay¬¨. Developed by Dupont and adapted to cartridge filtration by Meissner, Reemay has become the primary filter material used throughout the pool and spa industry.

The period from 1964 to 1972 saw steady growth of the new Reemay cartridge systems. At that time, however, individual cartridge size was limited to only 6 square feet. The filter system achieved its total surface area by manifolding numerous small cartridges. These early cartridge filters worked extremely well but were difficult to clean and maintain due to the number of small elements involved. Then in 1972, Meissner, working with Purex, developed the industry’s first extended surface, single element cartridge. Meissner’s new manufacturing technology yielded a 100-square foot filter system using only three individual cartridges. This concept quickly caught on and single element 25-, 50-, and 75-square foot filter systems utilizing Meissner’s cartridges soon were introduced by American, Baker Hydro, Hayward, Premier, Sta-Rite and others.

Throughout the early 80’s Meissner continued to work as a supplier to the brand name pump and filter producers to develop and improve cartridge filtration. By 1984 Meissner elements, both DE and cartridges, were being utilized in virtually every major brand name filter system. To meet this growing demand, the company developed state-of-the-art high speed production equipment. Unique to Meissner, this manufacturing capability allowed the company to carve a niche for quality and delivery that is unsurpassed today.

1985 became a pivotal year for Meissner when several brand name companies began producing their own Reemay elements. Faced with a loss of business, but having tremendous production capacity, the company re-invented itself. Retaining its core OEM business under the Meissner label, the company introduced and promoted the Unicel brand of replacement filter elements. For the first time, the entire range of replacement elements built to O.E.M. specifications was made available to wholesale distribution from a single source. Dealers and service technicians could easily obtain replacement cartridges from their local distributor, even if they did not carry that particular brand of equipment.

By staying focused and specializing in filtration, Unicel has developed expertise in a very critical area of the pool and spa industry. Today, Unicel services both the spa OEM market and wholesale distribution trade. Whether it is media development or cartridge design, Unicel is recognized as the industry leader.

Enjoy Hassle-Free Summer Fun When You Call a Swimming Pool Professional

You can have a well-maintained swimming pool without taking time out of your schedule. Call your local pool company to keep your pool ready for summer fun!

Nothing kills the thrill of the upcoming summer like a dead possum in the pool. As you clumsily reach for it with your skimmer, while your children wait with the trash bag in hand, you think, “This never would have happened if I had closed the pool properly last autumn…”

Pools are a staple of sunny weather fun, but they can sometimes be a lot of work, especially when you’re not properly educated on maintenance, or if your pool requires special repairs. Sometimes you just might not have the time to perform all of the necessary swimming pool maintenance procedures and chores. But you can enjoy a clean, fully functional swimming hole without having to take time out of your busy schedule when you call your local swimming pool company.

The professionals at your local swimming pool company have the knowledge and experience to perform a variety of routine pool maintenance tasks, such as pool openings and closings, with speed and efficiency. From cleaning off the cover to refilling the pool to winterizing and dewinterizing your equipment, your local professionals can do it all. Attention from an expert can mean the difference between a pool that lasts season after season without incident, or a pool that requires many repairs throughout its lifetime.